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Before seeing this, I was at a party when someone told me she didn’t really like this movie because the ending was predictable.  While I was able to guess the resolution, I still enjoyed watching it unfold.  The truth is that The Ugly Truth is a funny, sweet, and light escape.  Not a true “chick flick,” this movie will make both men and women tick.

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler

In The Ugly Truth,  Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her single. She’s in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her with Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men tick.  Heigl plays her role as the “psycho aggressive control freak” career woman with conviction and Butler plays the pig-headed anchorman with sexy nonchalance.  At first, Mike appears to be the complete opposite of the attribute list Abby has put together for her perfect man.  You know the list, ladies, all those things you’re looking for in Mr. Right:  sense of humour, sensitivity, career success, good looks….  Abby’s list is that and more.  In fact, she brings this list on dates and checks off the qualities as she discovers them in a potential mate.  One can see why she hasn’t had much luck in love.  Along comes Mike Chadway who promises to help her get the guy of her dreams if she, in turn, promises to let him stay as anchorman for her show once she gets that guy.  He’s that confident.  Here’s where the fun starts:  Mike is very, very blunt in what makes guys tick.  He believes all men are perverse and isn’t afraid to say so.  Without spilling every reveal, one point he makes clear is that men are very visual. . . and so the venture begins.  Abby transforms herself according to Mike’s advice, she does get the guy but later learns he’s actually not the dream guy.  It’s fun to watch these two bicker back and forth as they fight the obvious spark between them.  It’s even more fun to laugh at (or balk at) some of the things Mike has to say about how a woman should ‘get the guy.’  Speaking of transformation, the supporting cast is lovably quirky:  My favorites are John Michael Higgins, who plays a sexually frustrated anchor on Abby’s show and Cheryl Hines as the prudish wife and co-anchor.  The change this couple makes under Mike’s influence serves as hilarious background.

Grading Girl gives The Ugly Truth a B.  Yes, the ending is predictable . . . I don’t even need to reveal it here; you can guess what unfolds.  Credit needs to be given, however, for the funny lines, for the obvious chemistry between Heigl and Butler, and for the quirky supporting cast.  This movie is worth the ticket price.  If nothing else, you’ll walk away with a debatable topic to discuss – that is, what you think the ugly truth is between men and women.  How should a girl go about attracting the man she wants to date?  What do men want?  What pushes a man’s buttons?  What pushes a woman’s?  Is it all about looks in the end?

Grading Girl thinks the ugly truth is that timing is everything, by the way.  😉

Extra credit for some pieces of Heigl’s wardrobe . . . I WANT that low back black dress she wears in the movie!!!  I need to find out where and how to get it!

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