Raw Write #1

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The theme for this quarter’s readings in my sophomore reading strategies class is self-awareness.  Students choose their own independent books while the pieces we study in class to supplement our comprehension mini-lessons (poems, short stories, journal articles and a class novel) all relate to this universal theme.

With PLAN testing, we had a shortened day yesterday and took the opportunity to journal, or raw write.  The invite for the day was to write a self-expressive, free verse poem.  I wrote mine below rather quickly; although, it’s indicative of what I told the students to express – whatever was in their minds at the moment.  It’s darker than what I usually pen, and I don’t like it.  I’ll write a happier piece tomorrow, I’m sure.  But for now, this was the quiet scream in my head.

Unmarked Title


Visible invisibility

Loud silence

Clear ambiguity

Full emptiness

Expressive blank stare

Questionable answers

Infinite finiteness

Recurring finale

~ gg

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