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My Favorite Boutique
I recently discovered a boutique that has apparently been around for a while but I never knew existed – and it’s practically in my backyard.  I’m referring to Francesca’s Collections.  I’m excited about this find because EVERYTHING in the store is affordably fashionable! It’s the type of store where just when you think you’ve seen everything, something new catches your eye.  Since my last review, I’ve been in three different Francesca’s – all have been organized and stocked neatly!  GG can now happily take back my original quote: This is, however, where Francesca’s incidental flaw lies:  the merchandise is crammed somewhat haphazardly.  Tops are folded onto tables with candles, books and other miscellaneous gifts.  Scarves are scrunched into a basket on the floor.  Oh well, I suppose it makes the hunt that more rewarding.

The space itself is quaint with its wall-to-wall apparel, jewelry, handbags, accessories, and miscellaneous gifts.   Ladies, I have to say it’s the perfect store to visit when you have a last minute event or an outfit you need to accessorize or a small girlfriend gift you have to buy.  Oh, and they have boutiques nationwide along with a comprehensive online store; so, wherever you dwell, you can indulge in Francesca’s super buys.

My Latest Compliment to Francesca’s:  Last night, I had to return a dress I bought last week that was damaged with a hole I did not spot when I originally purchased the item.  Well, Francesca’s policy is final sales on sale items.  I was not sure that the boutique would honor my return but my concern was instantly stifled when the cashier not only accepted my return but allowed me to choose another dress at the sale price, even though the sale promotion already ended!!

Here’s GG’s eye-view of the stylish shop:

Apparel ~Francesca’s has dresses, tops, bottoms, and jackets.  The pieces she carries are not to gaudy, trendy, or age-specific.  The four times I’ve been in the store (in the last two weeks . . . at three different locations!), I’ve noticed the clientele spanned from teenagers through 70 year-old women. The average price is $35 or less for any piece!!!  One tiny complaint (no pun intended!) – Francesca’s does not carry extra-small sizes.

Jewelry ~ Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings abound.  I noticed Francesca’s carries many designer copycat styles but at much low er prices.  Good for every day jewelry or for a specific outfit you need to match.  Jewelry ranges from approximately $3 – $50 – not a bad range.

Accessories ~ shoes, purses, scarves, headbands, sunglasses . . . it’s all here.  When you go, don’t forget to look up because there are handbags bordering the entire stores on the overhead shelves.  Some of the handbags are the types one can only wear with one outfit (come on, how many times can you use a shiny, bright turquoise bowler’s bag?) but there are plenty of delicious finds.

Gifts ~ The first time I stepped into the boutique, I purchased a Votivo candle in Red Currant (my favorite scent!) because I haven’t been able to find it elsewhere lately.  Francesca’s sells those more exclusive items while keeping the prices down.  Books, bubble bath accessories and cards keep this place packed as well.

Francesca’s has earned a raised grade from a B- to an  A. It is a very fun boutique to peruse through, they have new merchandise every single week, and I never walk out of there empty-handed!!!   They still would benefit in adding extra-small sizes for the teens who frequent there but many of their smalls work fine; you just have to try everything on – and isn’t that the fun of it?!  Added bonus:  GG loves that Francesca’s is known for frequent sales.  For instance, over a recent weekend, Francesca’s offered 75% off of marked items.  I scored a burnt orange tank for $10!!

A Couple of My Recent Purchases from Francesca’s:

(check out the fabulous pricing)

I frequently wear green!

I frequently wear green!

I have my eye on this - so whispy and delicate!

I have my eye on this - so whispy and delicate!

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