Don Bersano Fitness Photo Shoot

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Fitness photo shoot with the well-known professional photographer, Don Bersano – CHECK!!! An item looming high on my bucket list for some time is complete . . . for the near-future, anyway, because I want to shoot some more. Why?! Because I recently experienced an incredibly productive, uplifting, unforgettable day shooting fitness and lifestyle shots with Chicago-based Don Bersano. Productive because of the many, many varied shots capturing my hard work in the gym. Uplifting because of the incredible ego-boost I receive upon viewing those beautiful shots. Unforgettable because of Don’s tireless positivity and congeniality that made the day fly by in a flash.

Don taking a selfie with Ophelia, my talented MUA, before we started shooting.

A graduate of Columbia College, Don Bersano has over 25 years experience in fitness, fashion, glamour and commercial photography. He is a published photographer with photos appearing in Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Maxim, MMA Sports, Planet Muscle to name a few. But Don doesn’t let his success go to his head as he’s incredibly hard-working and approachable whether shooting with a seasoned fitness model or someone like me, a fitness enthusiast shooting for the very first time.

We started the day with lifestyle shots. Here, Don captured me being me!

Don eased any anxiety I might have been feeling as soon as he pleasantly greeted me at my car. He walked me up to his beautiful studio where he promptly gave me a tour and informed me exactly how the schedule of the day would run. He also introduced me to Ofelia Guevara, one of the talented make-up artists he partners with (who I highly recommend!!) and we chatted about how she would be prepping me and helping as our shoot began. It was instantly evident just how much experience Don has from the prestigious wall collection of fitness greats he’s shot before to the vast variety of props, backdrops, platforms and lighting all around. The studio has an open air feel to it with a wall of windows overlooking a beautiful view of McCormick Place and the duck-ridden Chicago river directly below. In other words, it’s not a bad place to be spending your entire day at.

A photo shoot with Don includes headshots too!

But there was certainly no duck-dawdling about the day! I completely appreciated Don’s tireless creativity and attention to detail. He was professional, brisk and to-the-point with each outfit/scenery change. He knows exactly which details create which results. I’ve learned, from him, that the seemingly slightest inch in movement can change the entire look of a pose. Those poses we see all the time in fitness magazines are not as easy as they look – but Don provided spot-on guidance that made me comfortable in no time. Thanks to his briskness, we were able to not only fit in photos at the studio but at McCormick Place and a couple other outside locations nearby for completely different looks to add to my new portfoli0 (the photos on this post are only a very few of the many looks we captured that day!). And despite the brisk temperatures and high winds, Don once again knew how to direct to get some fabulous shots.

I was cold but comfortable here! A photo shoot with Don makes for a productive, varied, fun experience.

When you hire Don Bersano, you don’t just get a few nice pictures to remember your day but you get an entire package of confidence-boosting education and experience. To top off an unforgettable day, Don offered to buy me a burger for my hard work (something he does regularly for his clients)  but it was well-past dinnertime, thanks to his tireless focus. It’s all for the best. I’m so serious about doing another shoot soon that I’m maintaining my eat-clean diet; eating clean is a regular part of my fitness life as I hope Don’s shoots are!! I’m passionate about and committed to fitness – thank you, Don Bersano for helping me solidify that passion and commitment!!

The Proof is in the Image @ Proof Digital Image!

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They say that a picture says a thousand words but it is the talented photographer behind the picture that makes the image speak to us.  Roger Ullman of Proof Digital Image is such a photographer – capturing the smiles in the eyes, the subtexts on the lips and the symbols in the settings that make each image come alive with a story.

My daughter wanted to have photos taken for her college internship profiles, and I thought participating in a photo shoot together before she became busy with college would be fun!  I desired an experienced, outside-the-box photographer who was approachable and savvy enough to make newbies like us feel comfortable.  After perusing through portfolio samples, it quickly became apparent that Proof Digital Image’s Roger Ullman was the man for the job.  Not only did we feel comfortable , as you can see below, but we had a fabulously fun afternoon and evening of shooting that we won’t soon forget!!

Roger Ullman began as a sports photographer then one day began shooting local bands in concert per request from a friend.  He received such rave reviews and appreciation for his work with these genres that he was soon asked for work in other capacities, namely modeling portfolios.  While he still immensely enjoys doing both sports and concert photography, his primary focus today is in the modeling industry.  As he states, he truly enjoys the interaction with “real people” as he photographs them one-on-one.  Roger’s main goal is to make everyone he photographs “look absolutely fantastic…that’s a promise.”  He’s not afraid to challenge his clients to get daring, creative and stretch the imagination.  Here’s a sampling of the many shots Ullman captured on this memorable day:











What’s so great about working with Roger is that, while he raises the bar in portfolio photography,  he remains approachable as he encourages his models.  He understands that quality photography requires teamwork between the subject and shooter.  First, he asks for ample information, background and goals from his clients ahead of time so that neither one is walking to the shoot nervous.  I felt completely prepared on the day of our shoot as Roger and I conversed back and forth the week prior discussing locations and attire.   Roger was not only patient in answering questions but extremely thorough in discussing procedures.  On the day of the shoot, it’s not simply a matter of him spewing out directives; on the contrary, he truly wants client ideas.  He gives his honest opinions while remaining open to input.  During our six and a half hour shoot, Roger would at times shoot the camera randomly as my daughter or I played with our own poses; at other moments, he’d make subtle suggestions that we eased into – and never once, might I add, did he tire or lose motivation!!  That inspired us to keep fresh and relaxed throughout.   I could go on as long as his impressive collection of  art goes. . . . But don’t take my word for this – let Proof Digital Image photos speak for themselves!!  !










Grading Girl gives Proof Digital Image an A+ for approachable professional service, unique creative shots and memorably beautiful images that linger in our thoughts long after our eyes leave the photos.




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