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Crazy Stupid Love Brings Warm Happy Joy

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone - Perfect Mix of Crazy Stupid Love

BEST movie of the summer!!  Anecdotal relationship advice for three different generations, dramedy offering equal parts laughable peaks to tear-jerking valleys, and unexpected twists equate this BEST status.  Finally, a message that leaves viewers inspired, hopeful and smiling clinches its worthiness.  In this increasingly narcissistic society that accepts divorce as freely as marriage, it doesn’t hurt for all of us to hear the film’s message:  Believe in love. Try harder.  

The fact that the audience I was a part of for this viewing clapped once in the middle of the film and once at the end attests to its must-see appeal.

The film revolves around Cal Weaver (Steve Carell), whose wife (Julianne Moore) has recently announced her infidelity (the “other man” is played by Kevin Bacon) and requests a divorce. Cal takes his sorrows to a singles’ bar, where he is adopted by local ladies’ man Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). Jacob educates Cal in new ways of wooing the ladies and although Cal picks up some decent skills, his heart is in the wrong place: He’s looking for that elusive true love, his soul mate.  Cal is also dealing with the fact that his adolescent son Robbie (Jonah Bobo) is in love with his teenage babysitter (Analeigh Tipton), who in turn is in love with Cal. Meanwhile, Jacob eventually realizes that he’s still pining for the woman (Emma Stone) who got away.

Steve Carell and Julianne Moore Meet for an Eye-Opening Teacher Conference

Carell carries the comedy while remaining grounded in the pain of the character.  His acting makes me think that maybe leaving The Office is a good thing after all.   Incidentally, it’s always astonishing what good clothes and a haircut can do for a guy. There’s a lesson in itself.  (Let’s also not forget the lesson Jacob proclaims, “Be better than the Gap!” )  Moore, as the estranged wife, does her best to be sympathetic, though it’s hard to forgive her. Marisa Tomei has fabulous fun in a featured role as a one-night stand. Emma Stone has impecable comic timing and confidence.   And Gosling’s growth is evident.  I laughed through much of the Carell and Gosling consistently clever dialogue.  Gosling is clearly relishing a chance to flex his comic muscles . . . . along with those ab muscles.  🙂

GG gives Crazy Stupid Love an A+ for laugh out loud lines that deliver a strong subtext.  Go see this, watch and listen!!