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Gone are the days of wasting trees and desk space!

This summer, I’ve been curating articles, videos, images and links to use in the classroom.  To kick-off this fabulous new school year, I’d like to share my ever-growing collection.  Peruse for personal or professional use:

A.  Delicious:  Here you will find my curation of articles I discovered over the summer to share with students.  The main bundle consists of 70 informational, high-interest articles.  One of my goals is to incorporate as much non-fictional reading as possible into both my reading and freshmen curriculums.  The other bundles include various public speaking articles, articles for college-bound seniors and articles about writing.  Take a peek

B.  YouTube:  My collection of videos to use in and out of the classroom  . . . . Here are the playlists:

~ Education:  Videos that can be shared in just about any classroom . . . everything from social media to punctuation is explored here.

~ Motivational:  Videos to motivate to think, act or believe

~ Speech:  Speeches to watch and instructional videos on performance components of public speaking

~ Writing:  Instructional videos on forms of writing and writing inspirations

~ Reading: Videos to show my reluctant readers . . . videos to motivate as well as inform on reading strategies

~ Shakespeare:  Videos to enjoy and/or share about the Bard

~ For My Seniors:  Great tips on entering college or making career choices

~ For My Honors Freshmen:  Critical thinking videos

~ Just For Fun:  Videos to make us smile

~ Music:  My compilation of my very favorites 🙂

C.  Vimeo :  3 more video playlists (videos not on YouTube)  I wish there was a more organized way to categorize these.  The hardest part is remembering I bookmarked them in the first place; moreover, remembering them during opportune occasions is the challenge.

~ Education:  More videos to share with my students

Music & Misc:  Basically, my own personal “likes”

~ Speech Class:  More videos to share with speech students

d. Pinterest:  I’ve been having the most fun with this social network as of late.  I’m utilizing Pinterest both for professional and personal use.  For instance, you will find a board for literacy coaching as well as a board for yoga; there is a board for writing as well as a board for recipes to try.  The list goes on!!  Check out the 60 boards I’m always adding to – including illustrations, photos, graphic organizers, infographics, recipes, etc.  See my recent post about Pinterest:  Post or Pin?  Pinterest Pulls My Time for details.     Better yet, go straight to my Pinterest page and follow me there!!

e.  SlideShare:  Miscellaneous slideshows I’ve favorited along the way . . . including visual writing prompts and a presentation on interactive notebooks.  There are only 7 favorites here.  Clearly, I don’t use this platform too often.


I’m curious – where else are you collecting material?!  Are you using Diig?  Let me know!!!!  Let’s collaborate and share the wealth of information!