Breakfast in a Blender

GG’s Power Protein Shake = A+ I make this at least three mornings a week.  It’s my favorite Saturday breakfast right before going to the gym for a nice long weekend workout.  It tastes much more sinful than it is.   It only takes a couple of minutes from start to clean up too.  I’ve also… Continue reading Breakfast in a Blender

Mind your messages

Grading Girl shares this message during the first week of my speech classes: Meanings are in the message senders – NOT in the messages themselves!! If meaning were in the words, then knowing word definitions would eliminate all misunderstandings!  There would be no room for argument if we only held denotations, or dictionary definitions, to… Continue reading Mind your messages


Timing is everything. Time is ours to spend but we can’t keep it. We can’t see time but we can feel it. We can feel time but we can’t hold on to it. Time never stops but keeps going and going. Time can’t be rushed yet it can’t be slowed down. Once time is lost,… Continue reading Timing

(Ba)Nana Bread

New ‘Nana Bread = A+ What’s a (grading) girl like myself to do when I come home from a great workout with papers ready to grade, new blog pages ready to fill, and a sweet tooth that won’t subside. Well, I found a solution this evening that won’t waste those hours at the gym. I’ve… Continue reading (Ba)Nana Bread

A Fortunate Favorite

Love, love, love this movie. I’m blogging on another subject, but had to take a detour to share a favorite as my daughter and her friend play this in the background. Serendipity is definitely my second favorite movie of all time.  The title is such a happy word!  This movie embodies those little fortunate accidents… Continue reading A Fortunate Favorite

Do fingers fing?

Let’s review the English language, shall we? (adapted from an anonymous handout lying around, waiting to be rescued from the recycling bin) Grading Girl concludes that English is a crazy language. I can think of many examples to support this. . . some are from an anonymous essay sent my way, others are GG’s own… Continue reading Do fingers fing?

A Quotation is Not a Quote

GG Mini Lesson: Quote vs. Quotation Let’s set the record straight, dear readers. I hear students and teachers alike mistakenly use these interchangeably. There is a difference between quote and quotation. To quote (verb) is to repeat the exact words of another, providing acknowledgement of the original source. GG’s example ~ After talking aloud to… Continue reading A Quotation is Not a Quote

T.L.C. first review!

First T.L.C. review!   Body Language Sportswear is my latest workout attire obsession. A self-described gymrat, I arguably wear workout clothes more than street clothes – particularly in the summer; consequently, I’m constantly on the lookout for durable yet stylish sportswear. A couple of weeks ago, I paid a visit to the small but lively… Continue reading T.L.C. first review!