8 Rules to ROCK! (my 8 yr. old niece’s rules of life)

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I recently ended a most beautifully fun-filled week with my niece, and am reflecting on her exuberant joie-de-vie. Every summer, my California-born and raised girl stays with me in Chicago for a taste of midwest summer living. This year’s adventures included Feed My Starving Children volunteer time, family get togethers,  library  visits, swimming, paddle boating, jumping for joy in a trampoline park and more. While my own daughter is now 26, that incredible breadth of experience one gains from
spending time with children in summer comes delightedly back when my niece visits.

This is the face of a little girl who just helped pack enough meals to feed 153 families.

Two years ago, I wrote a blog post, A Six Year Old’s Simple Rules of Life, reflecting on my niece’s stay back then. This year, she asked me to write an update with her own list of rules to live by. So on her last night in town, after dinner, we sat down. With no hesitation and impressive articulation, Sky sat tall and serious, turned to me and listed her rules as she thought of them.

Here they are . . .  “8 Rules to ROCK!” as she titles them! They are hers, word-for-word, no prompting from Auntie T, in her order, from our little interview☺

  1. Always be happy and not care about what other people say about you.
  2. Don’t take a compliment too seriously. Just say thank you.
  3. Treat others the way you want to be treated even if they’ve been mean to you.
  4. Remember, lots of people may not look like you but we’re all kind and nice in the heart. (this one may be my favorite💕)
  5. If someone does not know what to do, help them.
  6. Never take advice from a stranger even if it’s very tempting.
  7. When clouds are grey and skies are dark, you still know that you can be happy.
  8. Don’t take beauty from the outside; take it from the inside.

Pretty profound and on point! At 8 years of age, a child’s language and literacy skills are developing rapidly, setting the groundwork for academic achievement ahead. My niece amazes me with her mature integrity, and is well on her way to a beautiful life of learning and love.

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