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Love, love, love this movie. I’m blogging on another subject, but had to take a detour to share a favorite as my daughter and her friend play this in the background. Serendipity is definitely my second favorite movie of all time.  The title is such a happy word!  This movie embodies those little fortunate accidents that we never expect or plan for but can completely change our lives.  They happen every day if we take the time to notice them.

One of my favorite scenes

One of my favorite scenes

If you are an unfortunate soul who has not yet seen this romantic comedy, Jonathon Tragger (John Cusack) meets Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) by chance.  Both are in relationships so when Jonathon asks for her number, Sara decides to write it in a book, sell it to a bookshop, and have Jonathon try to find it; she has him, in turn, place his name on a five dollar bill and gives it to a newspaperman. She states that if destiny wants them together, Jonathan will get that book back or she will receive that bill again. This marks the beginning of a “chase” as they both realize their current relationships aren’t their soul mates.  Has anyone ever tried something like this in “real life?!”

With co-stars such as Jeremy Piven and Molly Shannon, this movie is written with memorable, quirky lines and approachable characters in which viewers can easily find pieces of themselves.  The soundtrack hails tunes that raise spirits, from David Grey’s peaceful “January Rain,” (a GG fave!) to John Mayer’s “83” to Louis Armstrong’s “Cool Yule.”  I’ve seen this movie probably 10 times within the past few years, and it tickles my heart each time.  Granted, this is coming from someone who saw the movie, Grease, 12 times when it was released in the theatre years ago (GG’s #1 fave movie), but I give this grade with a guarantee.  GG dares anyone who views this to dislike it – it’s impossible.  A+

During my daughter’s first trip to New York, we paid a visit to the Serendipity3 cafe where Jonathan and Sara infamously share a frozen hot chocolate.  While we didn’t spot anyone famous at this notoriously star-laden spot, GG gives this cozy coffee boutique an A for both food and atmosphere.  The menu offers unique choices such as my order, the Summer Bries (smoked turkey,apple and brie cheese on raisin pumpernickel bread, yum) and, of course the frozen hot chocolate.  The frozen hot chocolate is as boastful as hot hot chocolate and as creamy as a milkshake. With its Tiffany lampshaded 19th century decor, the cafe has been drawing people by the lines outside since opening in 1954.  We experienced an hour wait, but it was completely worth it.  One can browse through the sweet shop boutique and score a take-home frozen hot chocolate kit or Serendipity ice cream bowls. Andy Warhol once claimed this sweet shop as his favorite! Grading Girl shares the claim. Oh . . . and it looks exactly like it does in the movie.

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