The “iGeneration” in the Classroom and Beyond

Free Hot Technologies (these are courtesy of a handout prepared by the tech coordinator at my school!) ~ . . . Website for creating electronic forms.  Best of all, data can be collected and imported to Excel.  This site allows you to be much more paperless and “green.” ~ . . . Website… Continue reading The “iGeneration” in the Classroom and Beyond

Foods I’m Eating and You’re Not (But Should Be)

I recently added these 3 foods into my diet.  Not only are they very surprisingly palatable, they pack quite the healthful punch.  Grading Girl recommends these for EVERYONE!!  Try them once . . . you just may be glad you did. Chia Seeds Talk about super food, chia is a high fiber seed that is… Continue reading Foods I’m Eating and You’re Not (But Should Be)

Bon Chic Bon Genre

My Favorite Designer!! No, GG has not gone French!  While I’ve studied 7 1/2 years of French, my site would not be complete without me raving about my very favorite fashion line.  I can’t say enough about this line!!  BCBG’s Max Azria has been my favorite designer for six years . . . and counting.  It all started with… Continue reading Bon Chic Bon Genre

A Fortunate Favorite

Love, love, love this movie. I’m blogging on another subject, but had to take a detour to share a favorite as my daughter and her friend play this in the background. Serendipity is definitely my second favorite movie of all time.  The title is such a happy word!  This movie embodies those little fortunate accidents… Continue reading A Fortunate Favorite