A Turkey and Talking Toys . . . A Girl’s First Writing

I splurged on composition books for each student in my reading classes this semester; to begin, I am asking students to bring in (or snap pictures of) an early piece of writing they created when they were young.  While the students will have their own web sites to post blogs, I believe good old-fashioned writing in an… Continue reading A Turkey and Talking Toys . . . A Girl’s First Writing

Which Punctuation Marks You?!

You know the line from Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall?” – “I’d rather be a comma than a full stop.” Which punctuation mark below would you rather be?! . . . . .                    !                    ?                    ,                    ; :                    –                   (   )                *                    # @                 /                    ?!                 &                   = ”                  {   }               … Continue reading Which Punctuation Marks You?!

I Am a Mini Cooper

WRITING ASSIGNMENT:  Letter of Introduction a.k.a. Using Metaphors to Identify Ourselves I probably should have posted this at the very beginning of the school year but it’s been a whirlwind of a year already – and we’ve only reached the very first midterm.  Yippee yikes!  This is the first writing assignment I gave to my… Continue reading I Am a Mini Cooper

Toast a Boast!

  Here’s a way to introduce English Literature in the classroom: (adapted from an assignment by the great Jeffrey Leathem, a colleague in my department!!) Anglo-Saxon Boasts We’re going to do a little old-fashioned chest-thumping Anglo-Saxon style. Your boast should include the following elements: A. Self-identification (I am . . .) B. Your immediate ancestry and… Continue reading Toast a Boast!

Find the Fib

People usually love to write about themselves.  Writing can be therapeutic, it can be a chance to express oneself more openly than one may in person, and it can provide a creative channel to explore.  Here’s an assignment my seniors run with time and again: Find the Fib*   Below you will find five statements about me. Four… Continue reading Find the Fib