8 Rules to ROCK! (my 8 yr. old niece’s rules of life)

I recently ended a most beautifully fun-filled week with my niece, and am reflecting on her exuberant joie-de-vie. Every summer, my California-born and raised girl stays with me in Chicago for a taste of midwest summer living. This year’s adventures included Feed My Starving Children volunteer time, family get togethers,  library  visits, swimming, paddle boating, jumping… Continue reading 8 Rules to ROCK! (my 8 yr. old niece’s rules of life)

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A Six Year Old’s Simple Rules of Life

Each summer, I’m lucky to spend a week or two with my niece and I am always amazed. It’s a refreshing perspective to watch the world through a young one’s eyes. When Skylar is purposely focused, creating a detailed, drawn-out story around something as seemingly minuscule as a stick outside, for instance, I gain insight… Continue reading A Six Year Old’s Simple Rules of Life

Trust Without Borders

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders” ~Hillsong in “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) When the clock struck midnight this New Year’s 2015, I recited my resolutions just like everyone else but decided to up the ante this year. Sure, I have two major career and achievement goals that are important and that… Continue reading Trust Without Borders

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Children are LOVE

I’m on the heels of a restful, soul-searching summer – mostly offline.  I’m about to start a brand new, very exciting school year – mostly online (district-wide 1:1 happiness!).  I’m sooooo excited about the new building, students, innovations, discoveries, classes, relationships, it goes on!!!!!   BUT before I go back, I must write a few… Continue reading Children are LOVE

Graduation to Life

It’s been a month and a half since my daughter graduated from USC!!  Wow, it’s still sinking in that I’m the mom of a college graduate.   As I type this, I just got off the phone with her, on the heels of her first business trip.  It’d be unprofessional (and perhaps contradictory to some… Continue reading Graduation to Life

To My Daughter

This is a rare, super personal post for me.  I debated posting it but am so utterly proud of the daughter I’ve been blessed to raise.  Below is the letter I presented her with (minus a few private details) on the day she graduated from college. Since posting this, my daughter continues to flourish. She’s… Continue reading To My Daughter

Forget the Finish Line

This time of year, I’m particularly discretionary in choosing articles from blog feeds because too many sound alike in reference to resolutions.  It wasn’t until I came across Entrepreneur’s “Forget Setting Goals.  Focus on this Instead.” that I stopped to read and take heed.  It talks about the finality of goals – once we reach… Continue reading Forget the Finish Line

“The House Without a Christmas Tree” in The House with 3 Trees

Today on Christmas, my family is reminiscing on yesterdays as we count our endless blessings.  Rummaging through Christmas storage boxes, I found this old tattered book!! Does anyone remember this CBS special with Jason Robards that used to air every holiday season?!  I looked forward to it quite a few years in a row. The… Continue reading “The House Without a Christmas Tree” in The House with 3 Trees

From Paris with Love

While spending spring break in London visiting my daughter studying abroad, we planned a day trip to Paris.  Taking the earliest Eurostar train (bright and early @5:30am!), we arrived in Paris by 7:30am and stayed until the last train departed at 9:15 pm.  What a pleasant excursion – clean, comfortable and delicious breakfast choices. Thanks to… Continue reading From Paris with Love

London Called!

This year, I ventured a few miles further than I normally do over spring break.  My mom and I took a trip to London to visit my daughter who is studying abroad there this semester. Studying abroad is, quite simply, an unmatchable experience!  For five months, my lucky daughter gets to call London home.  Her… Continue reading London Called!