A Complimentary Lesson about Complementary Words

I just read an essay in which a  student wrote “I gave a complement to the author after the presentation.”   This prickly pair needs clarification.   Here’s my complimentary mini-lesson on these two complementary words:    Complementary vs. Complimentary Entities that go well together are complementary. The colors blue and gray complement each other. Two people who… Continue reading A Complimentary Lesson about Complementary Words

Homemade Red Velvet Cake

My mother was way ahead of the times.  She started baking red velvet cake when I was a little girl years ago.  At family parties, it commanded many ooos and ahs, and disappeared instantaneously.  As we grew, she stopped making as many desserts as she used to and red velvet cake became a distant taste. … Continue reading Homemade Red Velvet Cake

All Together Now . . . Don’t Be Altogether Confused

This particular prickly pair of words gets my students pondering.   All Together Vs. Altogether A.  All Together means: 1.  at the same time One, two, three, all together, sing: “Sweeeeet Caroline, bum, bum, bum . . . .” 2. as a group Let’s go to hot yoga all together: it’s much more fun that… Continue reading All Together Now . . . Don’t Be Altogether Confused

Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Workout

Happy February!  Having a wee bit of trouble keeping up with your new year’s resolutions?  No worries – here are some ideas for embracing the sheer joy of exercise! 1.  Invest in a spray tan and stroll into the gym with your newly applied color.  It’ll accentuate your muscles and make you feel fabulous flexing… Continue reading Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Workout

Top 10 Things for English Teachers to Do on a Snow Day

I’m sitting here watching the news getting more than a little anxious about our pending potential blizzard.  I know my East Coast colleagues can’t say the same but my school district has yet to declare a snow day this year; in fact, we didn’t partake in the snow dance last year either.  While the amount… Continue reading Top 10 Things for English Teachers to Do on a Snow Day

Move Your Memory

1.  To memorize lists, use acronyms.  For instance, to remember the names of the Great Lakes, think of HOMES:  Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.  NEVER EAT SOUR WATERMELON will help you remember the four directions:  north, east, south, west.  ROY G. BIV will help you remember the colors of the rainbow:  red, orange, yellow,… Continue reading Move Your Memory

The “iGeneration” in the Classroom and Beyond

Free Hot Technologies (these are courtesy of a handout prepared by the tech coordinator at my school!) ~ Jotform.com . . . Website for creating electronic forms.  Best of all, data can be collected and imported to Excel.  This site allows you to be much more paperless and “green.” ~ Qik.com . . . Website… Continue reading The “iGeneration” in the Classroom and Beyond

You’re Wearing My Color

It’s winter and we could all use a little more color to brighten our day . . . yes, even my West Coast friends!  Just as the sun affects our moods, gazing at, wearing or surrounding ourselves with certain colors evokes different feelings.  Check out my post on Colorstrology for details on the intriguing belief… Continue reading You’re Wearing My Color

Do You Have a Goodness Allergy?

I err on the optimistic side – arguably, to a fault – consistently attempting to see the good in everyone and the positive outcomes in every situation.  Moreover, I tend to express more than the average intensity of spirit or enthusiasm. And I’ve been known to shout out in glee for seemingly no reason at… Continue reading Do You Have a Goodness Allergy?

Workout for the Weary

No matter your shape, size, age, agility, strength – you CAN benefit from even the slightest amount of exercise.  I’m about to give my secret away here and reveal the exact exercises I’ve been performing for the past 19 years, exercises that helped me lose 33 pounds within three weeks after my daughter was born,… Continue reading Workout for the Weary

World’s Fastest Disappearing Dessert

Need a fast crowd pleaser??  Even the kitchen illiterate can master this one . . . With 38 of us (including T.A.’s) in the English department, there’s always food in the office.  We celebrate birthdays and “half” birthdays (for those born in the summer) by taking turns bringing in a small spread usually consisting of… Continue reading World’s Fastest Disappearing Dessert

Best Yoga Pants EVER!

I’ve been working out at the gym since college and have yet to come across a better piece of exercise apparel.    These yoga pants are universally body-friendly for women of varied shapes and sizes. Over the past few years, I’ve donned a couple pairs from other brands but I always come back to my go-to… Continue reading Best Yoga Pants EVER!