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**Welcome to my original site, established Feb. 2009, for me to share my personal writing reflections.  For my newer educational portfolio, please visit TheresaLChristensen.com.  Beginning September 2013, the posts I share here will be personal reviews, reflections, and fitness facts.  Thank you for stopping by.  I welcome and appreciate comments and shares at both sites.  

I’ve been writing almost as long as I’ve had these catchy initials and put my passions to good use when I became a high school National Board Certified English teacher.  Never the same day twice, I have the best clients in the world – my students!  They inspire me and remind me of my own daughter, a flourishing college student.

When not teaching, I can be found at the gym as I crave exercise daily.  My goal is to maintain fitness so that I may embark upon a third career in personal training and nutrition . . . once I retire many years from now.  I say third because as much as I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I played school as a child, I worked in the business sector as a speech writer and trainer prior to teaching.  Today, I feel very lucky to be able to use that background to help students connect what we do in the classroom to what they will do in their future lives and careers.

Thank you for sharing in this conversation and feel free to comment along the way.  As I provide feedback to my students, I more than welcome the opportunity for learning from my readers.   A foreshadow of my blogging days came during my third year of teaching in Spring 2004, when I presented and published “Journaling the Novel in Cyberspace” project for Illinois Association of Teachers of English . . . before it was even considered “social” media.   In other words, I’ve always believed in authentic connections to enhance the learning experience.  So check out a sampling of the reviews I enjoy writing or a few of the fitness posts for healthful tips or a few personal reflections I share.  Your visit is much appreciated!

**Please note that any and all material I present here is of my own opinion and not of the school district I’m blessed to work for.  Thank you!



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