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Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders” ~Hillsong in “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

When the clock struck midnight this New Year’s 2015, I recited my resolutions just like everyone else but decided to up the ante this year. Sure, I have two major career and achievement goals that are important and that I will accomplish  (renewing my National Boards and renewing my administrative certificate); but, my ultimate resolution this year is much more life changing.  That resolution is illustrated beautifully – literally and figuratively – in this video shared by Equinox on their “Q by Equinox” fitness site.  This is a very informative site and must be checked out, by the way:

As Sheila Monaghan beautifully describes on the blog:  “If any piece of fitness equipment could serve as a metaphor for an ideal relationship, it might just be the ViPR: It strengthens your individual weaknesses, corrects your long-held imbalances, allows you to move more freely and powerfully in the real world, and—provided you’ve invested time and laid the proper foundation—inspires you to create quite the beautiful flow.”

 **Side Note: –  As I look ahead to the coming weeks, I’m mentally and physically preparing myself for two upcoming foot surgeries.  These surgeries only add more conviction and motivation to bounce back strong, overcome obstacles and achieve my ultimate goal.  Years of ballet training and pointe shoes along with my inherited tendency for bunions leads me to the dreaded surgeries I’ve wrongfully put off for too long.   I’ll be keeping a journal, reflecting on my trials, tribulations and recovery – beginning on surgery Day One HERE.   It’s my way to incorporate my passion with writing, fitness and blogging all into one.

So, my resolutions are to rid myself of the weaknesses in my feet and gain the strengths to flow freely with another soul strong enough to perform that Vipr dance above, literally and figuratively.  I’m ready – ready to give and receive trust without borders. I’m not stopping until I do!

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”  This is my favorite Eleanor Roosevelt quotation – it represents courage, perseverance, tenaciousness, and faith.  This mindset represents me this year and always.

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