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An Extra Special To-Do List


from Bono

While my curriculum and administrative to-dos are still prevalent  to complete this week before Winter Break, the items below need significant attention.  In the wake of the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, now more than ever students need to know we are all in this world together to collectively maintain an environment where we continue feeling safe to learn and grow.

Before I step into my school building this morning, I feel compelled to jot down a few extra to-dos for each day this week:

~ Make sure I convey just how happy I am to see each one of my students.

~ Remind myself that I teach the student, not the subject.  

~ Call a parent to tell how wonderful his/her child is doing.  

~ Leave a positive note in a colleague’s mailbox just because.

~ Smile and listen. Answer questions with extra patience and care.

~ Continue doing the great things we’re doing.  Move forward with hope.

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