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What inanimate object would you compare yourself to?   Check out how some of my students very cleverly describe themselves . . . While not all objects below are inanimate,  you can see, I have beautiful students.

  • I am a baseball mitt because I have to be taken care of in order to do what I can do.
  • I am an iguana because I am sly and stay out of trouble when I need to.
  • I am a foreign film because not everyone understands me.
  • I am a pair of Converse shoes because I am laid back and casual.
  • I am a pair of dumbells, dangerous if I am wrongly used but excellent if I am being used for the good of others.
  • I am a bad trader because I give but don’t require anything in return.
  • I am a cup of hot chocolate because I am warm and sweet.
  • I am a picture frame because I hold many special memories.
  • I am a waterproof jacket because it takes me a while to absorb information
  • I am a lamp because I brighten up the dark and give a positive outlook on things.
  • I am an ant because I need to live in a large group to survive.
  • I am a bill at Congress just waiting for the world to know me.
  • I am a tree because I have deep cultural roots.
  • I am the internet because I am full of bad jokes and random facts.
  • I am a plane because I’m never on time.
  • I am a rubber band because I am flexible but I can break.
  • I am an elephant because I have a great memory and rarely forget.
  • I am a brick wall because nothing will knock me down.
  • Winsor Pilates

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