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To open each day, one of the first things I like to do in the morning is turn up the blinds in my home and let natural light shine through.  Similarly, when I walk into my classroom in the morning and find the dark curtains closed, I immediately open them for a burst of energy to kickstart the day.  

Once I have this natural light streaming in and the energy flowing, there’s one little trick I do to intensify those positive vibes.  Almost considered old school with our iPad screens projecting these days, I scribble a handwritten note on the board.  It can be a quotation or word of the day, a run-down of the day’s agenda, or a simple “Good Morning.”  As messy as my handwriting can be, it’s a surprisingly effective way to lift the spirits.

The act of writing something down – and then reading it – forces our minds to focus on those words and the feelings they create. Try this:  write a happy little note or quotation and put it in a place that you’ll see often: on the refrigerator, on a post-it note stuck onto your bathroom mirror, on a scrap paper tucked inside your wallet or purse… Every time your eyes gaze upon that note, make a point to take a moment and really READ the words. Think about what they mean, why you wrote them, and how they make you feel. Take a moment to try this little trick and I bet your lingering winter days will feel a bit warmer.   By the same token, tuck a handwritten encouraging word into the belongings of someone you love to discover later in the day and, voilà, you’ve just made his or her day a little brighter.  

That’s the power of writing . . .

Here’s something on one of my blackboards at home right now . . .

A positive quotation is a gentle reminder that each day brings another opportunity for optimism.

A positive quotation is a gentle reminder that each day brings another opportunity for optimism.


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4 Responses to “Opportunity for Optimism”
  1. First we have the thoughts. Then we make them physical by writing them down or speaking them aloud. Then we connect them to other people by sharing the ideas directly–like your writing a note or on the board–or more indirectly by posting them on social media.

    Keep sending out those ripples, Theresa! We hear you.

    • GradingGirl says:

      Thank you so much, Gary!!! I truly appreciate your support. Write it down, write it down – it is a magical process. Whether we are writing for ourselves or writing for others, the beneficial effects are immense – just as the benefits of sharing with colleagues on social media!

  2. Tiffany Agius says:

    I love this post Theresa! I have notes like these at my house and the positive vibes from reading them never get old. 🙂 It only makes sense to incorporate them in the classroom to share with students and brighten their days as well. Thank for sharing. 🙂

    • GradingGirl says:

      Hi, Tiffany!! It’s amazing how something so seemingly small as a few words can have such a profound effect. On the mirror, on the fridge, in a nightstand drawer . . . . isn’t it fun?! Thank you for reading – and thank you for your comment! 🙂

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