A Lovely List of Lists

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I ♡ lists!  Making lists provides a provocative, probing expedition into your mind, heart and soul.  I invite everyone who reads this to complete one of these lists!!   In the classroom, this provides a fabulous writing warm-up or a lesson in itself.  Students can choose one item on their lists to elaborate on further.  Let’s list!!

A Lovely List of Lists

~ List all the names you’ve been called, endearing and not so

~ List what’s consistently in your garbage

~ List the things you think you can’t live without

~ List the transitions in your life that taught you the most

~ List what you learned from each of your ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends

~ List the times you said yes when you wish you said no OR  vice versa

~ List the foods you’d eat if you’d never ever gain calories or fat

~ List the toys, clothes and other items from your childhood you wished you’d saved

~ List all the magazines you subscribe to

~ List words that touch your soul

Some of these prompt disclosure of very personal pieces of information; nevertheless, I can’t wait to complete mine in future posts.  I promise I will.  And I have ideas for more lists when these are complete!  In the meantime, see a smattering of GG’s Listing Through Life previous lists:

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~ What I’ve Learned In Life So Far

~ First Lines In Literature

~ Reasons The Newspaper Won’t Die

Care to share your list?!

What I’m Thinking Before I Fall Asleep . . .

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I’m a perpetual listmaker. “Write it down, write it down” ~ there’s something magical about writing. Tasks have a much better chance of completion, obstacles become less frustrating, and goals are easier to attain. I make grocery lists, resolution lists, wish lists, holiday shopping lists, workout lists, work to-do lists, home improvement lists . . . the lists go on.

I recently assigned my students “25 Random Things about Me” ala the viral Facebook letter. Surprisingly, even though the majority have Facebook, only two of the 25 students already completed this task. My chance to grace them with a lesson in self-awareness!

The responses ranged from the grammatically goofy:
I get seasonal allergies which are so bad . . . .I’m also allergic to cats and apples . . . but only when I bite into them.”

to the unbelievable:
I drink more water than any human reasonably should – over 2 gallons a day.

to the silly:
I seem to see the number 14 more than 20 times every day.

to the touching:
I think people are naturally good.

to the interesting . . . out of the 25 students, six talked about wearing or not wearing socks to bed:
such as . . .
I HAVE to wear socks to bed and if I don’t I can’t sleep. Also they cannot be white because I have never worn white socks EVER.”
or the opposite . . .

I cannot wear socks to bed; they drive me nuts.”

After class, quite a few students came up to tell me the assignment was fun and fulfilling – music to my ears as I list through life. So before I end another list-ful day, here’s one more ~

What usually goes through my mind before I fall asleep

1. How quiet the world gets at night
2. Wish that I could get by with just a few hours of sleep
3. What animals are scurrying in the field behind my home
4. What my daughter wishes for
5. Where my daughter will be in 5 years
6. Where I will be in 5 years
7. Hope that my friends and family in crisis will soon find peace
8. Music is going through my head
9. What if everything changed tomorrow
10. What I want to see more of in my life and intention to make it real!!!