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This is a rare, super personal post for me.  I debated posting it but am so utterly proud of the daughter I’ve been blessed to raise.  Below is the letter I presented her with (minus a few private details) on the day she graduated from college. Since posting this, my daughter continues to flourish. She’s enjoying her sixth year as a publicist in the film industry, recently earning a significant promotion. She travels globally for work  – and pleasure – … she’s living the life she dreamed!! Isn’t that every parent’s dream for his/her children?!


**Dear Daughter**,

I loved you before I ever saw you but felt you growing inside. The moment I caught glimpse of you on the evening

you were born, I fell in love all over again – your head full of all that

beautiful dark hair and your tan skin. I knew you’d be a dancer because you held

your hands and legs in the air, flexed and watched them intently the second

the doctor laid you down. You always were an intent human. Your innate,

remarkable concentration and focus amazes me to this day!   And, yes, while you shined in

many-a-recital growing up, you are truly dancing through life. You have a joie-

de-vie that people can’t help but like when they meet and get to know you. I’m

hearing that infectious giggle as I type this . . .

In you,  I saw all hopes and dreams for the future begin to

blossom. The first words I said to you when you graced this world were, “We are

going to have the best life together.” And we are!! While you are farther in miles

now, you are never far in my mind or heart. Raising you, I

tried to teach you to believe in yourself and give you wings. I taught you how to

fly the best I could – and look where you’re landing; you are thriving as a young

lady fervently pursuing her dreams and goals in a major city in another state!!


 I told you growing up and I’ll tell you now, you can achieve whatever

you want to. You have that indefinable it – and I’m not just saying that because

I’m your mom. Your achievements attest to your gifts. You are everything I

hoped a daughter to be when I was growing up myself dreaming about you.

Here is my wish for you: I wish that this life always brings you your wishes and

dreams coming true. I hope your worries stay small and you never have to carry

more than you can hold. This I wish for you today and always.

 Congratulations on your graduation from USC. This marks the beginning of the next fruitful chapter of the blessed life you lead.

I love you very much, dear daughter, and am so very proud of you. Love, Mom

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