Bringing Blogging to The Classroom #1

As I embark on a new semester, I’m planning a unit in which my reading students create and utilize their own blogs.  I’m hoping this facilitates motivation and fluidity with students’ reading and writing skills.  The blogs will provide a place for students to publish their work and feel a sense of an audience other than me.  I’m… Continue reading Bringing Blogging to The Classroom #1

Some Advice on Advise

I previously posted about using advisor vs. adviser, but I neglected to share the tricky difference between advice vs. advise. Advice vs. Advise advice = an opinion about how to solve a problem; guidance (noun) advise = to offer advice; to counsel (verb) pronounced advize EXAMPLES: Please give me some advice about what to do. Please advise… Continue reading Some Advice on Advise

Toast a Boast!

  Here’s a way to introduce English Literature in the classroom: (adapted from an assignment by the great Jeffrey Leathem, a colleague in my department!!) Anglo-Saxon Boasts We’re going to do a little old-fashioned chest-thumping Anglo-Saxon style. Your boast should include the following elements: A. Self-identification (I am . . .) B. Your immediate ancestry and… Continue reading Toast a Boast!