Move with a Movie Review . . . GG Style

With all the spirit of the Academy Awards upon us, this week’s blog assignment will be for the students to write a movie review.  Move Us With a Movie Review   Here is what you need to include in your blog post: Paragraph 1 Include the following: name of the film, stars of the film,… Continue reading Move with a Movie Review . . . GG Style

Bringing Blogging to the Classrooms

11/1/2013 Note:  Below describes the first year I brought blogging to the classroom.  Some activities remain; some have since changed: Last week, my students signed up for their blogs!  They are excited to write their first post later this week. Here is the deets on this new blogging project we’ve embarked upon ~ WHO:        3… Continue reading Bringing Blogging to the Classrooms

Like, When Do I Use As?

“Like” must be one of the most abused words in the English language.  Like, what’s up with, like, the overuse of, like, the word “like.” Like, I don’t understand how, like, people are actually, like, communicating with as many uses of the word “like.”   Like, the most used word in, like, most high schools… Continue reading Like, When Do I Use As?

Disregard the Irregardless

A student came up to me after class and asked if irregardless was a word.  This prompted GG’s latest mini-lesson: Irregardless vs. Regardless To answer my student’s question, irregardless is not a word.  It is a double negative, combining the words regardless and irrespective.  Yes, there can be double negatives in English as well as… Continue reading Disregard the Irregardless

Between is Among the Difficult

Here is another pair of words many of us interchange incorrectly. Between vs. Among Use between when you refer to to people, places, or things. Example:  Kimm had to choose between going on a cruise and catching three Broadway shows. Use among when you refer to three or more people, places, or things. Example: The… Continue reading Between is Among the Difficult

Find the Fib

People usually love to write about themselves.  Writing can be therapeutic, it can be a chance to express oneself more openly than one may in person, and it can provide a creative channel to explore.  Here’s an assignment my seniors run with time and again: Find the Fib*   Below you will find five statements about me. Four… Continue reading Find the Fib

Are you hoping or hopeful?

Being hopeful is a good thing.  It is always better to see the glass half full than half empty.  Overusing the word hopefully, on the other hand,  is not such a good thing. Hope vs. Hopefully  The word hopefully is an adverb.  An adverb is a word that describes a verb, so hopefully is a word that… Continue reading Are you hoping or hopeful?

You Guys Can’t Be With Yous Guys

A follower just asked me if “yous guys” is proper English.  This is a great question, considering the amount of colloquial language thrown around carelessly every day.  As the school year creeps upon us, now is the perfect time to clean up our communication skills. You Guys vs. Yous Guys Let’s set the record straight… Continue reading You Guys Can’t Be With Yous Guys

Is it Worse to Say Worst?

I could write 1,000 mini-lessons and still not cover all of the confusing words in the English language. Worse vs. Worst Worse is a comparative.  Use it when comparing two things, just like better only in the negative instead of the positive. This means when comparing two things, one will always be “worse” and not “worst”… Continue reading Is it Worse to Say Worst?

News Flash – No One Can Eat Healthy!

A couple of months ago, my brother brought up the question as to the difference between healthy and healthful.  I was on vacation visiting at the time and put it in the back of my mind to think about later.  Writing my most recent post about my favorite snack made me recall that question.  I’m… Continue reading News Flash – No One Can Eat Healthy!